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A very happy 2015 to you all!

May a prosperous, sparkling, cheerful and healthy year lie ahead for you! I am sure all those who have had the kids home over six weeks are in urgent need of some pampering time! 🙂

There is a lot of exciting new stuff happening at Alegria Beautyfarm to start the new year with a buzz…

As mentioned a couple of months ago, I completed the training for SkinDNA testing. This is my latest passion, as I really believe that this can make a huge difference in how we treat skin and prescribe products.

Why SkinDNA testing?

So far we had to rely on visual signs of the skin for prescription and treatment of particular skin issues. Through the SkinDNA technology, it is now possible to analyse the never-changing genetic profile to determine exactly which particular issues need to be targeted before they appear.

How does it work?

A swab is taken from your inner cheek and sent to the lab. After about two weeks, the results come back with your genetic predisposition and risk factors. These are analised and give the skin care professional the chance to provide insights into a long term skin maintenance regime.

Why should you try it?

You can’t change your genes, but you can change and adjust your lifestyle and target a skincare regimen which can compensate for areas in which the genes are not functioning to an optimum. SkinDNA is a tool to tailor preventative steps to protect the skin’s future appearance and health.

I really encourage you – if you take your skin seriously – get the test done! It is a great investment, whatever age you are. Just arrange a short appointment, any time during the day, we take the swab, you have to fill out a little questionaire and that is it. The result will benefit your skin for the rest of your life.

New product range: OCosmedics

The next news are that after many months of research and testing on a guinea-pig (me), I found a new range to enhance my work: OCosmedics: this line stands for years of research and development. OCosmedics are the purest combination of medical grade ingredients combined with cosmetic science, blended harmoniously with nature.

Proudly Australian made and owned, OCosmedics are made using the most concentrated and active ingredients, they are organic where possible and contain no nasties! I really adore OCosmedics, and I very much liked what I saw within the weeks of testing these products (based on my DNA Test).

And last, but certainly not least for today…

…The Truth is out!
Check out the info about this product which is about to revolutionise the anti-ageing industry!

To find out more about this buzz and what is right for you, make an appointment soon.

Valentine’s Day

Romance is in the air again on the 14th of February!

Here is a lovely idea: gift your darling date nights. Be crafty and make a “date-jar” or place your ideas in envelopes…Check out this site for “date ideas”, there is something for everyone!

Or how about treating yourself to some indulgence time, or purchasing a beautifully designed gift voucher for someone you love!

As my treatments are all bespoke to clients’ skin needs and all include a back massage, the best idea is to give a dollar-value voucher, available from $50.

Order now by providing the name of the recipient and I will design the voucher and send it to you to print.

Yours truly


Get serious about your skin

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  • OneTRUTH818 Serum
  • New: DeclĂ©or Night Essence
  • Accommodation Special:‘Take the Plunge’
  • Valentine’s Day

One TRUTH 818 Serum

It took 11 years of research and a $33 million invest-ment by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews PhD and his team at Sierra Sciences – Finally, TAM-818 was discovered.

Based on the Nobel-Prize winning work of this scientist known as “The Man Who Would Stop Time” – OneTruth is the only skin serum in the world containing the TAM-818 molecule, the world’s most powerful telomerase-inducing compound.

Check out the amazing results achieved during clinical trials of One Truth 181.

Applied 2x daily this will last about 60 days.

New! Decléor

Night Essence

A sensorial, aromatic treatment of exceptionally precious Essential Oils to help reboot the skin’s cell activity.

Within 30 days, signs of fatigue are reduced, the skin’s texture is refined and the complexion looks radiant. The skin is gradually renewed and appears lifted and plumped.

Decléor has developed a 3-step application technique to maximise the efficacy of the Night Essence and guarantee tangible and long lasting results.

30-day course: $240

Take the Plunge

From March onwards we are open for accommodation again.

We will give you complete privacy and supply complementary with your first night a delicious breakfast basket and a welcome bottle of local wine!

Enjoy a weekend in the wonderful Matakana! Located on top of a hill with gorgeous views over rolling hills and to Kawau Bay, you can indulge in divine treatments, take the plunge into our ozone-treated pool and just enjoy the good life of the Matakana Coast Wine Country!

  • 1 night accommodation for two
  • Breakfast basket incl. seasonal fruit (from the garden or local market), home-baked, German bread and European-style delicacies
  • Complementary bottle of local wine
  • 2 Decleor Expert facials including back massage, adapted for your skin needs
Package price: $570

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