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Alegria Beautyfarm

Alegría is Spanish and translates to ‘joy, cheer, happiness’ – and this is exactly what you will experience at Alegría Beautyfarm, just 50 minutes north of Auckland, in the heart of the Matakana Coast Wine Country.

The Story of Alegria Beautyfarm

Alegria Beautyfarm was started by and has been run by Claudia Schenz for almost 20 years now, making it the longest-running beauty salon in the Matakana area. 

German-trained Beauty Therapist and Facialist, Claudia initially started Alegria Beautyfarm alongside boutique accommodation. However, after many years of playing the hostess and expanding her business in other directions, she now focuses solely on her popular, bespoke pampering facials and skin revision treatments.

So book in for one of Claudia's signature pampering facials, skin revision treatments, or enquire for a gift voucher - and experience alegría!