​​​​Claudia Schenz

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The woman behind the Beautyfarm is Holistic Beauty Therapist, Claudia Schenz, who immigrated to New Zealand together with her husband Alex and daughter Julia in 2000. Soon after, she realised her dream of opening New Zealand’s very first, boutique, European-style beautyfarm, after having fallen in love with the lush, rolling hills of the Matakana Coast Wine Country, somewhat reminiscent of Tuscany.

Trained in Germany, Claudia has worked in the beauty industry for almost 20 years and has specialised in facials with a holistic approach to addressing clients’ needs and conditions, particularly anti-ageing.

Since more than ten years, Claudia has continued to widen her knowledge and explore studies in healthy nutrition. She is a firm believer in the ‘you are what you eat’ philosophy. She considers food nature’s natural medicine and concludes that overall health and well-being requires a holistic approach to strengthen body, mind, heart and soul.

With many years in the hospitality and medical industries, working on exhibitions, as a tour guide and having traveled extensively, Claudia brings a wide spectrum of professional and personal experience with her, which she calls upon, to ensure the standard of your stay is to the highest quality.

Check out Facials & Treatments to learn more about Claudia’s beauty therapy philosophy, and discover the range of treatments with which she can pamper you with.


The rest of the team

Husband Alex has a background in agriculture and marketing, but at Alegria Beautyfarm, that translates to him being the property manager, pool man, technical service and just ‘The Man’ who can fix (almost) anything.

With a background in design and publishing, daughter Julia is usually called upon when newsletters need proofreading or flyers need designing.



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