Escape the stress of modern day living in this Matakana hideaway. Take in the relaxing combination of beautiful aromas, soothing sights and exquisite sensations which balance your whole being.

As you enter this retreat, you become the focus – the focus of attention, unconditional care and results orientated treatments.

While lying on the comfortable European anatomic treatment bed, all your senses are getting spoiled. With glowing skin, more energy and a sense of calmness, you have found the way to reveal your full potential.
Trained in Germany, Claudia is a facialist only, offering bespoken treatments for face, including back massages, to boost skin health, using the most prestigious and active products and is able to provide top end Skin Rejuvenation programs, used in Hollywood and in celebrity clinics around the world. These treatments, together with the correct prescribed home care, make a truly enormous difference to the appearance of your skin.