Gift Vouchers

Wanting to treat someone to some time out?

Give the gift of R&R.

Choose from the gift voucher options below or get in touch to find out more.

Why Get A Gift Voucher?

Alegria Beautyfarm gift vouchers are beautifully designed and personalised for the recipient. If you wish, we can also include a brief personal message from you.

You can either choose to purchase a voucher for a specific treatment, or a voucher for a dollar value. This can be used towards any treatment of the recipient's choice.

We can either print the voucher for you to pick up, or alternatively send it to you digitally, as a PDF or jpeg file for you to print out.

For the valuable gift of "time out", or some R&R for someone you love, please contact us to order your gift voucher. 

Gift Voucher Pricing

Dollar Value

Can be spent toward any treatment (facial or massage) of the recipient's choice.

$50 - $500.00

What's included

  • Personalised gift voucher
  • Can include a brief, personal message
  • Pick up physical voucher that has been gift wrapped
  • Or receive a digital version to print or forward at your convenience
  • Valid 6 months
Please note, our vouchers are non-refundable or redeemable for cash, or to be used for purchasing products.

Alternative Gift Ideas

Claudia is also the Founder of where she imports and shares natural health and beauty innovations from Europe and Switzerland. Following are some gift ideas for your special someone:

Alegria Beatyfarm – KOSHO Byuti Organic Matcha Tea


Byuti Organic Matcha Tea

Gift your person highest levels of antioxidants with every cup – for rejuvenation from the inside out and the perfect opportunity to take a little "time out" everyday to enjoy their cup/bowl of Matcha tea. 100% single origin Matcha from Japan.

Alegria Beautyfarm – Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Masks


Bio Cellulose Face Masks

Each Biotulin mask is drenched in more than half a bottle of the original skin-smoothing and -plumping ingredients of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel. Best applied to exfoliated skin, for smoother, plumper skin in 30 minutes. Vegan, made in Germany.

Alegria Beautyfarm – KOSHO Multi-Effect Peeling


Multi-Effect Peeling

Skincare ingredients can absorb up to 70% better to exfoliated skin. Biodegradable rice and bamboo particles gently exfoliate, while precious oils and organic Matcha extract nourish the skin. Skin is radiant, hydrated and feels velvety smooth. Vegan, made in Switzerland.

Alegria Beautyfarm – Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel


Supreme Skin Gel

The natural, needle free alternative to injectables – made famous by Princess Catherine and Michelle Obama who are reported fans. Clinically proven: up to 25% reduction in depth of lines just an hour after application. Vegan, made in Germany.

Alegria Beautyfarm – KOSHO Full Hydration Serum


Full Hydration Serum

Based on a unique extract of organic Matcha tea with the highest levels of antioxidants, KOSHO Full Hydration Serum offers powerful, plant-based skin rejuvenation including four types of hyaluronic acid, for smoother, plumper, brighter skin. Vegan, made in Switzerland.

Alegria Beautyfarm – skinicer Ocean Kiss Natural Lipsticks

skinicer Ocean Kiss

Natural Lipstick

The person you are gifting to loves lipstick, but has sensitive/cold sore prone lips? Then skinicer Ocean Kiss lipsticks were made for them! With the unique Spiralin microalgae extract and its naturally active antimicrobial and collagen-boosting ingredients, they help protect lips from infections (e.g. cold sores) while providing rich, long-lasting colour. Made in Germany